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Zhonghai Huitong was incorporated in Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing. The Beijing headquarters is located in the Jinhua Jiahua Building in Shangdi. It has two offices, laboratories and modern professional warehouses, and has obtained the distribution rights of Rockwell products in Beijing North District.
The company acquired the distribution rights of Rockwell products in Tianjin APR and formally established the Tianjin office;
The company acquired the rights to distribute Rockwell products in Shanxi APR and officially established the Shanxi office
The company obtained the right to distribute the APR in the Beijing Southern District and successfully completed the conversion of mergers and acquisitions of companies and personnel in the new area
Nian 1 month, the complete organization, reconstruction and remodeling of business processes and human resources system, to the new stage of development
Together with EDGE, we will leverage EDGE's global success model to develop value-added one-stop services and gain a foothold in the giant branch of the automated distribution market in China.

Our Vision

Become the most valuable partner in the field of automation for customers and manufacturers
Becoming a better career and a richer life for all employees
Become a respected company in the industry and in society.

Our Values

[Learning] Through systematic training and inspiring employees to consciously learn, help employees complete the accumulation of sales knowledge and management knowledge, and build a learning organization.

[Change] Through continuous learning and experimentation, employees and companies are always in a state of innovation and courage to change.
[Integrity] Integrity is the first criterion for running a business and treating people.

[Dedication] The company requires employees to focus on their work and to serve the company with professionalism.
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天津 - 南开区

天津市南开区鲁能国际中心1112-1113, - -
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More than $ 4 Billion in sales
Group of 11 distributors in the segment
More than 4,600 dedicated employees
More than 200 call centers
For over 100 years as market leaders

EDGE GLOBAL SUPPLY was founded by a group of 11 US automation and electrical distributors. EDGE owners collectively represent $ 4 billion in sales, 4,600 employees in more than 200 locations. They share a long history of success (for over than 100 years) market leaders.

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We believe that good results are obtained through the professional success of its employees.
For this we seek professionals who are motivated to experience the opportunities and challenges that the company offers.
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